Adventures with Random: Episode I

The rules are simple.

No 1 Put iTunes or Winamp player on random and list the first eight songs.

No.2 Wonder for far longer than is strictly necessary about what the results say about you as a person and the world in general. Consider cleaning up iTunes collection to avoid further embarassment. Decide against it on the basis that there are better things to spend time on. Important things like breathing or determining the exact ratio of peanut butter to chocolate required to reach nirvana.

Lawrence Welk Theme Song: The Lawrence Welk Orchestra

Schumann Verretene Liebe: Michael Adair, baritone/Bruce Ubukata, piano

JS Bach Sinfonia XIV Bb major BWV 800: Glenn Gould

Wolfgang Rihm Qui Cogitaverunt Malitias In Corde from Deus Passus: Bach Collegium, Stuttgart

Matyas Sieber Notturno for horn and strings: Soren Hermansson

Beethoven First Movement Piano Sonata Op 13 “Pathetique” Alfred Brendel

Patsy Cline Stand By Your Man: Dixie Chicks

Watermelon Man: King Curtis

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