In The Middle Of

Hello all,

Soho the Dog has kindly pointed some of you in the direction of the The Omniscient Mussel. Things are still in disarray here at OM Headquarters but Miss Mussel is happy that you’ve stopped by. Your patience is appreciated and rest assured, as we speak, features are being planned, ideas explored and a logical system of organisation devised, all the name of making you, dear reader, feel more at home.

Some posts of the filler variety have been put up to test things out and make sure everything is ready to go for La Prima, a date in the near to mid-future that has yet to be determined. In a glorious juxtaposition between high and low, Miss Mussel is planning to launch her corner of the art music world with a sort of draw and/or quiz in which prizes are given away. Either leave your contact information in the comments or add a little Mussel to your news reader to make sure you don’t miss out.

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