Beaten To The Punch

Deep in the recesses of The Omniscient Mussel’s draft folder is a post entitled “In Praise of Elitism.” It was meant to discuss the dictionary definition of elite versus its popular connotation of snobby and rigidly exclusive; as the much-bandied epithet of anyone wishing to denounce anything they don’t immediately understand.

The plan was to then move on to how other forms of music (gangsta rap, fado, anything really) can be considered elitist if the current definition is used and then touch briefly on the philosophical implications of “is something that requires effort worth inherently more than something that doesn’t?”

After that was discussed, a pre-conclusionary foray into “is it the job of the dynamic entity to engage with the static one or the other way round?” More simply, which party needs to take make the effort? Both, either, neither?
Unfortunately for Miss Mussel, the Attic Fantasist got there first. Go on over and have a read


  1. I have always thought rhat “elite” meant “chosen for special skills, abilities or worthiness”.
    As in “elite forces” who are given the reward of going into a battle first.
    Or “elite customers” only one of whom is born in any given minute.

  2. Miss Mussel

    That is the definition Miss Mussel is familiar with as well, but there seems to be a fad of late to attach a negative value judgement to the term as well. In the current climate of super egalitarianism, it appears that possessing specialist skills or knowledge is automatically classist. The fact that they are easily acquired by any interested party is simply viewed as a red herring.

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