SPIMA Dispatch No. 78

Dear Mr Bravi,

Thank you very much for attending last evening’s concert. It is always a joy to have such an enthusiastic patron in the audience.
I was particularly impressed by your commitment to making first-time attendees feel at home with concert etiquette. More experienced patrons must always remain vigilant in their campaign to stamp out any inappropriate applause at the source. You quite rightly assumed that the hall was too dark for the standard opening volley of self-righteous glares and proceeded directly to a level 5 intervention: shushing.

While this tactic is generally only intended for chronic candy rustlers and chatty neighbours, the inflated number of doting parents present had the potential to become volatile during any bit of silence.

It was obvious to me that the conductor appreciated your willingness to partner with him and control the rogue applauders. During the most violent outburst, he even extended his hand in your direction and had the courtesy to wait until you were finished shushing to continue on with the concert. Many people commented at intermission that your instructions were received clearly throughout the hall.

I feel I can say nothing but well done and am certain that many of those who trangressed last evening will not be attending future concerts. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in action again soon.

Yours sincerely,
Marjorie J. Gladstone


Society for the Prevention of Inter-Movemental Applause (SPIMA)

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