The Real Deal

“I’m not a creator. It’s the composer who is the creator. I aim to focus on the way to deliver the message, according to the music, as humbly as possible, though that’s not the right word because a conductor can never be humble.”

Tim Ashley interviews BBC Phil conductor Gianandrea Noseda in today’s Guardian. Miss Mussel was in Manchester for his 2005 Beethoven series, which quite unexpectedly turned out to be one of the highlights of her life. The BBC Phil always played well but for these concerts, they really outdid themselves.

Noseda’s conducting style is energetic and flamboyant but never over the top. It takes a secure conductor to avoid getting caught up in a ballet of self-aggrandizement and even from the podium, it is clear that Noseda loves the music more than he does himself.

The BBC Phil and Noseda are an example of what can happen when conductor and band really work together. To steal a line from Ashley, “he has the ability to change our perception of music itself, and that makes him a magician of the podium.”

Indeed it does.

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