Can Someone Please Pass The Kleenex?

There looks to be a bit of a meme going around related to music that makes one misty-eyed. After a little thinking, it seems that, for Miss Mussel, the culprit is Mahler, followed by Brahms.

Mahler’s Second Symphony was the most recent instance. The TSO performed it in the spring and the last three or four minutes were completely overwhelming. It was the organ that provided the proverbial straw.

A 2004 BBC Phil performance of Mahler 1 had Miss Mussel in a similar state of overwhelmedness and therefore reaching for her handbag.

And then there was the time during a performance of Mahler 4 that resulted in tears WHILE ON STAGE. Third horn rests for nearly 70 bars at the beginning of the slow movement and is meant to come in with a whole note after the strings have played some of the most beautiful music around. Luckily, the fourth horn was wise to what was happening and covered it.

The first movement of Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem is a pretty reliable trigger for waterworks. Thankfully, Miss Mussel’s mood perks up and it is all smiles by the end.

Anyone else have nominations?

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  1. Lee Merrick

    This is an interesting subject for me – I am always tearing up when I listen to my music – dangerous when driving! Mahler #2 – even the very end when the French horns sound makes me weep.
    How about Tristan – makes me weak….
    Any Requiem – Verdi, Brahms, Mozart, Faure, Beethoven (Missa Solemnis) – man I could go on and on.
    How does a measure or even one chord (the Tristan Chord) evoke such an emotional response?

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