Just The Facts, Norm….Just The Facts.

A quick look at Chris Foley’s pagecast reveals that Norman Lebrecht’s book recall news has been met with some gleeful rubbing of hands, not to mention some very creative headlines.

Daily Observations has Lebrecht Gets Spanked, while Sequenza 21 offers some delicious commentary under The Norman Conquests.

For years, he’s been planting verbal IEDs along the classical music highway, wiping out entire convoys of evildoers and occasionally fragging some innocent bystanders in the process.

On An Overgrown Path fails on the headline front but does offer a brilliant Zing! by quoting Lebrecht’s own 2006 Evening Standard article disparaging blogs as frauds that don’t bother to check the facts, a point echoed by Chris Foley over at The Collaborative Piano.

It’s still early in the day and the news has not swept entirely through this corner of the blogosphere, but so far, the prize for the best headline goes hands down to AC Douglas at Sounds and Fury for Chicken Little Gets The Ax.

The words comeuppance, justice are prominent in comments so far and it seems that everyone is happy that Mr Lebrecht finally got caught. That Simpson’s character that always shouts HA HA seems an appropriate embodiment of the current climate.

Anyone care to come to Uncle Norman’s defense?

The original NYTimes article is here.

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