Now, Where Did I Put My Napalm?

There’s a bit of a battle going at Listen101 regarding the gender makeup of ensembles and programs. Those of you that ran to the scene when FIGHT was announced in high school may want to go on over.

Lisa Hirsch has taken the time to post a very thoughtful response.

The truth is that feminism, particularly the self-righteously militant variety, winds up Miss Mussel to the point that she is unable to respond in a manner that could be described at rational, no matter how loose the definition. Somehow that did not stop her getting involved in the discussion. Thankfully, AC Douglas is involved, so Miss Mussel’s comments, which in other situations could be construed as rude, are practically platitudes in comparison.

Here’s the voice of reason:

At the same time, I’m not going to skip a program of interesting music by living composers because the ensemble didn’t program any music by women composers. I’m reminded of a friend of mine who, for a long time, and maybe still, would not read books by dead white men. I thought that was just as silly and arbitrary as only reading books by dead white men.

(That’s Lisa btw)

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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