“That’s A Buncha Airiadite Readin’ You’ve Got There”

Miss Mussel’s local library had a book sale this morning and for the bargain basement price of $9, she has become the owner of the following volumes:

Gray, Cecil. Contemporary Music. OUP, 1924.
Sullivan, JWN. Beethoven. Pelican, 1951.
Bonavia Hunt, HG. A Concise History of Music. Scribner’s Sons, 1903.
Nettel, Reginald. The Orchestra In England. Alden, 1946.
Guerber, H.A. Stories of Famous Operas. Don, Mead & Co. 1919.

Thanks to Richard A. M. Charlton from whose library these books were donated. Mr Charlton, who ever he is, obviously cared enough for his books to have an embosser made up with his name. Or he was a control freak that never let anyone touch his things.

Miss Mussel has only briefly scanned a bit of the Gray, but it looks as if he may eclipse, by a good margin, her beloved Sir Donald in the race for most willfully contrary critic ever. In his review of contemporary women composers (c. 1920) felt compelled to borrow from Dr Johnson.

Sir, a woman’s composing is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well, but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

We have established in this space the Miss Mussel is no feminist but she did find herself in quite a state of shock after that page turn. The rest of the book should be a treat. Can’t wait.

Anyone else familiar with these authors?

Note: The title quote is courtesy of the lady that rung in Miss Mussel’s purchases. Not quite a malapropism, more likely she’d read the word a bunch of times but never heard anyone else say it out loud. This happens to Miss Mussel on an embarrassingly regular basis.

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