The View From Here

Location: The green 1950s naugahyde recliner in which Miss Mussel daily smiths words and the like. Heat and massage features are on and being enjoyed as we speak. What follows is laundry list of items in the immediate vicinity.

1 stack of French horn music
1 chamber pot
(for decorative purposes only. There is a limit to Miss Mussel’s dedication)
1 small upright piano with The 1963 Royal Conservatory Grade VIII Piano syllabus on the rack.
1 German dictionary, pocket size
3 rather horrific plates brought back from a mid 1990s holiday in England featuring Clydesdales, puppies, idyllic countryside etc.
43 journal articles on business and intuition for an ongoing book project.
1 copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, as yet unopened.
1 French horn mute.
1 game of Superquiz
circa 1986
9 Edwardian Hymnals courtesy of Grandmother Mussel
1 fake green plant now slightly greyish due to intermittent dusting
6 books on Donald Tovey to be read “as time permits”
1 very large sheet of bubble wrapfrom a 6 month old eBay purchase
3 volumes of Letter to Beethoven also to be read at some vaguely distant point.
1 empty bag of Humpty Dumpty Cruncheez, snack size
1 apple core, thought to be McIntosh
1 Panasonic “boombox” circa 1994 currently tuned to the French CBC

What’s your view?

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  1. Amazing as it may seem, my view right at the moment (I was going to say your list of these things but an irreclaimable segment of time has passed) now my vision is captured by the reply page. Other than that, I’ve got a trapezoidally-shaped double bass, a couple computers, bookshelves made out of an old piano, a Roland keyboard, pencil sharpener, stapler, a score for “Faries Aire and Death Waltz” framed and hanging on the wall, trapezoidally-shaped violins and cello, (the results of some luthier experiments) guitar cases, trombone cases, bassoon case, some odd instruments made from plastic plumbing pipe,
    There’s more, but my eye is suddenly captured by the “submit comment” button.

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