Whatever Happened To That Contest?

Nearly a month ago, Miss Mussel made an allusion to a contest that was meant to happen on this site in the first week of October as part of a whole blog launch extravaganza event. After discussing the situation with the OM marketing department, it was decided that a monthly draw for OM Digest subscribers was a better use of resources. That Miss Mussel had deadline craziness break out during that week and therefore sort of forgot about the aforementioned Extravaganza is merely a coincidence.

The inaugural issue will feature, among other things, an essay on Beethoven and gestalt as well as a short interview with Thomas Dausgaard and is scheduled for distribution during the first week of November.

If you want make sure you are in the loop, drop a note to omdigest [at] theomniscientmussel [dot] com or leave a comment in the box below.


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