Aye To That

Rupert Christiansen writes an ode to St Cecilia in today’s Telegraph.

Even when she’s bad – and there are times when I want to smack her – she is absolutely 100 per cent Bartoli, and for that alone, in an age in which phoney over-packaged mediocrity regularly passes as artistry, I love and salute her.

Miss Mussel took in a Bartoli concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester when she was touring with her Salieri album. It was, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic and original performances this bivalve has ever attended.

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  1. Frere Mussel

    I have seen Cec in Semele and in Cenerentola and have met her many times (at work) and I would agree that sometimes I am dumbfounded by her slightly alarming mode of sound production and her featherweight voice, however she is such an amazing performer, a little fire-cracker on stage and as a person very kind and charming. She is really a true artist!

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