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Anyone who wishes to weigh in on the coughing/rustling/loud breathing at concerts issue should make their way over to a post on today’s Guardian Arts blog.

Apparently Sir Simon gave some mid-Mahler instructions to the some splutterers at Carnegie Hall the other night.

Here’ are Miss Mussel’s thoughts on the matter:

Part of the thrill of going to a live concert is sharing the experience with other people. You share in their joy as well as their attendant coughs, sniffles, creaky leather shoes, candy wrappers and rustling winter coats.

What is far more distracting than the initial noise are the glares, muttering and tutting from the other concert goers.

Those who wish for the sterile concert experience should stay at home and listen to a recording, but not a live one, of course, because there could be a wayward cough on that too.

Let’s have your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, Miss Mussel will reflect on the arrogance of quote herself directly, even if it is only because she is too lazy to type her thoughts a second time.


  1. It’s not the random audience counterpoint that enlivens the experience. It’s the aleatory nature of live performance in general. Cracked horns, out of tune strings, falling scores, falling musicians. Me smacking the head of the jerk in front of me reading yammering away to the poor girl beside him. Jeeez!
    It’s all a part of the big symphony. Think Cage, listen to it all.

  2. N

    being a musician i undstood another similar comment made by a very upset joni mitchell at the woodstock festival when her fans wouldnt keep quiet “you’re acting like tourists man, give us some respect”!!!

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