Miss Mussel had her reviewer’s hat on last night and managed to overhear this delight:

Computer Engineering Student #1: I wonder if you can hire these guys?
CES #2: What guys?
CES #1: The orchestra…you know, for a party.
CES #2: What kind of party would you have an orchestra at?
CES #1: Dude. Any party. Like we’d be playing beer pong, then fall down and then they could play.
CES #2: da da da daaah [opening of Beethoven’s Fifth]

The boys collapse into fits of giggles and the orchestra takes the stage.
All in a day’s work.


  1. Miss Mussel

    Perhaps someone should set up a beer pong tournament at the interval and see if that boosts ticket sales at all.

    I suspect all that would happen is an increase in snoring, snuffling and general noisemaking during the second half.

    Not that that would be an entirely bad thing. At the very least it would give some audience members the chance to work on their death stares as well as a feeling of righteous indignation that would spur vitriolic letters to the Editor about “the state of things”. Angry or not, this would count as stakeholder interaction with the organization, which was the point all along.

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