Pandora Goes Classical

Miss Mussel discovered the delights of Pandora several months ago as a remedy to her painfully pathetic knowledge of popular music. It was exactly the right tool to explore the pop canon and get a feel for how different genres and styles are connected. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Pandora provided top drawer answers to the perennial question, “I like this song/artist. What else sounds like this?”

Imagine Miss Mussel’s excitement when this little note popped into her inbox.

Classical music fans have been woefully under-served when it comes to mainstream radio. With this launch, Pandora hopes to contribute to the growing resurgence of classical music by providing a powerful new way to enjoy and explore this rich repertoire. The service offers an extensive collection of music that can be tailored to an individual’s personal taste, regardless of one’s knowledge of classical music

While Miss Mussel’s Inner Snob bristles at the word “fan” even it is able to recognize this as a Good Thing. Pandora Classical is key tool for helping to steer those who have heretofore identified themselves as enjoyers of The Three Tenors/Josh Groban/Il Divo et al. in the direction of more serious music. Nothing warms the heart of Miss Mussel’s Inner Snob than helping people break free from the shackles of easy listening and light classical.

One minor snag: Due to copyright restrictions, Pandora is no longer available in Canada, so Miss Mussel has to rely on you, intrepid intertubers, to check it out and report back. Or send along instructions for temporarily altering IP addresses.

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