The First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Thanks to a tip from Matthew Westphal and the gang at Playbill, Miss Mussel was able to take in a wee hours performance of The First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra.

According to their site, “the first vienna vegetable orchestra plays music exclusively on vegetable instruments: carrots and cucumbers instead of guitars and drums or, with their new cd automate, a cuke-o-phon and radish-marimba instead of laptop and sampler. the music presents a transfer of electronic music pieces and structures to the instruments of the vegetable garden.”

Verdict: Imaginative and refreshingly original. In future, would like to hear more cowbell.

For those readers interested in getting some stockings stuffed, their latest album is available for purchase here.

Very hearty Thanksgiving wishes to all residents of the Lower 48. You are the bananas in the North American sandwich and for that, Miss Mussel salutes you.

(For those that are scratching their head a bit here, the NA sandwich is one slice wholesome, farm-baked bread, sliced bananas and a soft tortilla shell on the south side. The presence of peanut butter goes without saying.)

It is now nearly 1:30 in the am, so it is possible that this last bit makes no sense to persons who have indulged in a reasonable amount of sleep. If that is the case, please proceed to this post, have a laugh and forget all about this little foray into inanity.

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