Hours of Excitement Courtesy of LuftPost

The thrills know no bounds here at OM HQ. Yesterday’s mailbag (the one that is still toted around by a real person) brought these aural delights to Miss Mussel’s corner of the universe.

The First Vienna Vegetable OrchestraAutomate

Sergej MohntauGummihandschuhdudelsack* (Rubberglovebagpipes)
Musical instruments are used as utensils and objects of utility as musical instruments. Besides the Rubberglovebagpipes other instruments like the Electric Window, the Jack-Of-All-Trades Double Bass and Selfmade Hardcase-Laptops have been created. A common sound generated from both analog and digital sources encased in a dramaturgical concept based on mechanics, electricity, and electronics.

Various ArtistsSoundrawing

elffriede, a vienna-based visual artist, has sent drawings to 34 musicians in different countries all over the world and invited them to compose 2-minutes sound-pieces inspired by the drawing.

Samples will be available when the Wimpy player is up and running. Considering the other drama currently going on at OMHQ, this sadly may not be until after Christmas. Try not to die of anticipation. Concentrate on turkey, family fun etc.

*officially Miss Mussel’s new favourite German word.

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