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Pub Quiz For Classical Music Nerds: Answers

March 8th, 2008
Take the original quiz. String Theory (fill in the blanks and name that string player) 1. Jascha Heifetz (violin) 2. Martin Beaver (violin, Tokyo String Quartet) 3. Lionel Tertis (violist) 4. Mischa Maisky (cello) 5. Eliot Fisk (do guitarist’s count as string players?) Order Up Arrange the following in ascending order of composition date. Quartert For The End of Time , Four Last Songs, The Four Seasons, Fur Elise, Quartet in F major (Ravel) Answer: 1723 The Four Seasons, 1810 Fur Elise, 1903 Quartet in F major (Ravel), 1940 Quartet for the End of Time, 1948 Four Last Songs Arrange the following composers in order of death, earliest to latest. Remember Googlers are sad sacks in the corner with no friends. Britten, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Messiaen, Stravinsky Answer: Prokofiev (1953), Stravinsky (1971), Shostakovich (1975), Britten (1976), Messiaen (1992) It’s a Job Match the organist with his main church gig 1. Franck a) St Suplice, Paris 2. Messiaen b) La Trinité, Paris 3. Guillou c) L’Église Saint-Eustache 4. Vierne d) Notre Dame, Paris 5. Widor e) St Clotilde Basilica, Paris Answer: Franck/St Clotilde Basilica; Messiaen/La Trinité; Guillou/L’Église Saint-Eustache; Vierne/Notre Dame; Widor/St Suplice (The cathedral links go to samples of that church’s organ from our window on the world: YouTube) Bonus Question (5 points) Which organist held his post for the longest? Widor For another five points, how many years exactly? 64 Miss Mussel cannot even begin to comprehend how many sermons he heard during that time. What A Way To Go Here is a list of ways composers have died. Who died of each complication…or at least is rumoured to have? 1) an insect bite 2) a lip boil 3) riding a bike into a wall 4) smoking a cigar 5) getting whacked in the head while riding in a taxi Answer: Berg, Scriabin, Ernest Chausson, Webern, Ravel (technically he died from the surgery required to fix the problem cause by the bump, but let’s not get bogged down in detail) So, how did you do?

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