Beethoven Orgy Today On CBC Radio

If you didn’t get enough Beethoven these past two weeks, you can imbibe for a good part of the day today. Starting at 9am EST, you will be able to hear all 9 symphonies in a row.

From the CBC website:

The symphonies will be presented in order with each to be preceded by a conversation between Bill Richardson and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra conductor Bramwell Tovey. The festival will also feature short documentaries and other related material.

Times are approximate and subject to change.

9:25 AM – Symphony #1, Op 21
10:15 AM – Symphony #2, Op 36
11:10 AM – Symphony #3, Op 55 (listen for crazy horn man in mvt IV)
12:20 PM – Symphony #4, Op 60
13:15 PM – Symphony #5, Op 67
14:00 PM – Symphony #6, Op 68
15:00 PM – Symphony #7, Op 92
15:55 PM – Symphony #8, Op 93
16:40 PM – Symphony #9, Op 125

Find your nearest radio station here or listen online here. Because of time zone shifting, if you miss it in the east, you can tune in at 2pm or 3pm on the online player as well.

If today just doesn’t work for you, the concerts are available in perpetuity, or at least until the internet melts down, as part of the very enjoyable Concerts On Demand feature of the CBC website.

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