Music To Write Books By

Miss Mussel hasn’t talked a lot about albums in this space mostly because she isn’t much of an audiophile, far preferring to actually attend a concert rather than listen at home on the stereo. Nevertheless, she does listen to music almost constantly when writing although hardly any of it is from the all-time favourite lists as engaging emotionally with the music tends to divert creative energy away from the task at hand.

The Mozart Effect is clearly bunk, but in looking over her playlists for the past three months, it seems that highly structured, repetitive music helps enormously with things like concentration and organizing thoughts. It really does appear that the patterns in the music encourage the brain to focus and it doesn’t matter if it’s classical, electronica or pop. Anyone else find this?

Since Miss Mussel has needed to “talk less to friends and concentrate more on her work” since week one of kindergarten, this discovery it’s a bit of relief to have a go to list when concentration is imperative…even if its contents are slightly embarrassing.

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