The Saddest Music In The World

The Walrus has a list going of the saddest music in the world as companion to Moira Farr’s article on music and depression. The usual suspects are there (Tears In Heaven, Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline) as well a few that are off the beaten track.

Pointing out that there isn’t any classical on the list is simply statement of fact rather than an editorial comment. The argument that classical is the deepest of all musics therefore capable of being the sadder than anything else is unnecessarily dismissive of other people’s experience, not to mention more than a little bit arrogant.

Age and a comparatively small amount of exposure to pop music means that out of the thirty songs on the list, Miss Mussel only actually knows three and one of those is because of the Muppet Show. Life experience also means that most of the music on the OM soundtrack is classical. As such, her nomination for the Saddest Music In The World is the third movement of Brahms Horn Trio Op.40.


What’s your choice?

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