Quiz #21: Lost In The Post

1) The envelope containing the results for this week’s quiz was delayed by a rather spectacular but still plausible series of events involving a tiger, a pair of galoshes and three pieces of old Canadian cheddar.

2) Miss Mussel stayed up til 7am Sunday morning making a website and hasn’t really been able to string more than four words together since. There’s no real content yet but you’re welcome to head over for a peak anyway.

Believe whichever scenario suits although Miss Mussel will say that learning PHP in help fora at 3am is possible but greatly reduces the chances that you will remember any of it the next day.

Apologies to Roger Miller, furnisher of the music for Quiz 21, for failing do it up properly. There were two people who responded with the correct answer and, given the relative obscurity of the piece, it seems only fair to publicly acknowledge Daniel J. Liss and Philip Amos.

As luck would have it, Mr Amos was the first to emerge from the Official OM Seed Corn Hat and so he can spend the summer ruminating over his choice of piece for an upcoming quiz or gleefully thinking of ways to spend his $20 credit at Arkiv.

paul-patterson-missa-brevis.jpgSo what was the piece? None other than Missa Brevis by British composer Paul Patterson written in 1985 and first performed by the Thomas Tallis Society in the same year. Further information on the Mass, in the form of a very helpful programme note can be found here.

The original recording Roger sent along was of the Epsom Chamber Choir however in the end, he decided to go with an EMI recording with the London Philharmonic Choir. Baton-wielder: Owain Arwel Hughes. Head to the jungle and buy your copy today! Act now, supplies are limited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is time to step away from the direct mail copywriting gigs. Ugh.

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