Summer iTunes Meme

Every day you chase the carrot and are about 99% certain you’ll never get to cut it into sticks and serve it along side a tuna melt and some 5-Alive. Today, fate has intervened and granted Miss Mussel a small taste of success.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, music nerds of all genres–
The Omniscient Mussel is proud to present its:


Ok…here’s what you need to do. It’s slight complicated but (147+infinity)% worth it. How many other memes can you make a T-shirt/coaster/placemat/mousepad/business card from?

  1. Open iTunes/whatever other music player you’re using.
  2. Copy your library into a text file
  3. Using the Replace function (CTL/Apple F) remove terms such as CD, AAC, mp3, m4a etc
  4. Go to Wordle”, create a new one and paste in the txt file.
  5. The more times a word is mentioned, the bigger it will be in the final image. If there are non-representative words still remaining, use the replace function to remove them quickly.
  6. Choose the colours, text, number of words used…basically everything.
  7. If you have a Mac you can save the image as PDF when you go to print it. Otherwise, just take a screen shot.
  8. The creator of Wordle is happy for you to do whatever you like with the results, so if your your kids are whining that they are bored, conscript them into helping you start a merch manufactory in the garage.

Here’s one Miss Mussel made earlier with 500 words. Click to better appreciate its awesomeness.

The OM iTunes Wordle

The OM iTunes Wordle

This exercise can be quite revealing about the collection. For example, Miss Mussel’s result is quite heavily skewed to Puccini, Verdi and Opera. While there is quite a bit of this on her iTunes, it is resident on her computer due only to Frere Mussel’s attempt to get her to stop making fun of singers. Compared to other tracks, these are actually listened to far less often.

Moral of the story is, if you’ve got a secret stash of Duran Duran or the complete works of Anonymous 4, Wordle will find you out.

Can’t wait to see what yous come up with! Pop a link in the comments.

One last thing, Miss Mussel is off to a cottage in Northern Ontario for the week and will be without t’internet. If you are new to the site (Hi!) your comment will stay in the moderation queue until I return on Sat. Don’t be sad. It will see the light of day soon enough.


  1. Nice work, Miss Mussel. Best meme I’ve seen.

    I made myself stop at two.

    By the way, a quick way to avoid having to trim lots of annoying text tags is to open iTunes to the main music library window, eliminate all headings except for name/ artist /album /composer; then, select all the text in the window and copy it to your text editor – or right into Wordle.

  2. Ren

    I want to play with Wordle so badly, now, but I can’t.
    It uses Java 5 and 6, which are uninstallable on OSX 10.3.9 (yes, I am ghetto, but it is not my fault!).


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