DPRK UK Tour Postponed

Just as Miss Mussel was gearing up for the press histrionics sure to surround the North Korean Orchestra’s tour of the UK, she discovers that they are not coming. The reason has nothing to do with politics but rather it appears that the tour has become the latest victim of the credit crunch after a bank pulled their sponsorship. The bank isn’t mentioned by name in the source article but it does seem that there were organizational problems as well.

‘We could have still run the tour with the sponsorship that was promised to us but we felt it would have been a squeeze and that is not the way to do things properly,’ Ms [Suzannah] Clarke, a British opera singer, told AFP.

‘We were not 100 per cent sure about the venue in London. It is a very large orchestra which needs a very big stage and we were trying to fit them into a very small space.’ She said: ‘We were going to use Westminster Central Hall in London but we felt we wanted to look at our options again.

‘It has about 1,500 seats but we need a big stage and enough space for all the media we think will be interested. ‘

The tour was due to start 5 days from now, so Miss Mussel is a little surprised that the band wasn’t already in the UK for rehearsals etc. When all the pieces are put together and the between-line text read, there’s an unmistakeably Murinaean odour floating around this whole story. According to Ms Clarke, the concert tour is being rescheduled for ‘next year.’ Watch this space.

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