The Omniscient Mussel Goes Social

Ok folks, as part of the new, improved which aims to be a source for classical music news rather than simply a recycler of everyone else’s brilliance, the marketing people at OMHQ have decided that social media is the way forward.

Miss Mussel not wanting to be one to pooh-pooh these not-so-new-fangled avenues of communication has dutifully set up a Facebook page and is now on this thing the kids call Twitter.

This page will have imported posts from the blog and notices of events that are relevant to the fanbase…*ahem*.

So, not too much different that this space EXCEPT for the fact that the discussion forums and wall mean you get the chance to relate to other musicians and art music lovers in a way that is not really possible here.

Follow The OM on Twitter! Miss Mussel is still not sure quite what to make of this bit of social media but a week’s membership with very few threads followed has yielded pleasantly surprising connections and conversations. If you’re not already a twitterbug, try it. You just might be surprised.

Also, eagle-eyed readers may notice a few new buttons at the bottom of every post linking to some popular social media sites such as Digg, Mixx, Facebook and dear old Twitter. Feel free to use them. More pageviews = more revenue = more funds to do cool features in this space.

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