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So, today is that most hallowed of we’ens, a time when we all forget that we are no longer children and turn dressing up into a competitive sport. In honour of this day, Miss Mussel has done some late night trawling of the tube that is you and found some musical things that might cure you of those hiccoughs you’ve had since yesterday.

Basically, this is all you need to make an ordinarily non-startlable Miss Mussel jump about 8 feet in the air. For reals. She had a series of mini-panic attacks just searching for a good photograph but if you had one too, it was 100% worth it.

Other things Miss Mussel finds scary are marching and wind ensembles, so you can imagine the terrification quotient of a marching band. Now, add Mussorgsky.

If your idea of scary involves vision of “the day the world will dissolve into ashes”…this little number might be just the ticket

This one is a bit more weird than actually run-to-the-closet terrifying but it does combine four things that have extraordinarily high terrification quotients: sopranos, dominatrices, clowns and easy listening. You’ve been warned.

Do you know of anything else that should be added to the list? Pop a link in the comments so everyone else can join in the scarefest.

Helpful Hallowe’en Hint: If you’re off to a party tonight and desperate for a costume, why not go as static cling? Simply tape socks, dryer sheets, pantyhose and a few pairs of your raciest underwear to your person and tease your hair. Granny pants are a no go for this costume. It’s the 5 minute intellectual costume concept….much better than going as a ghost or your evil twin. If you want to take it one step further, tape a balloon or two to yourself as well.

You’re welcome.

The OM will resume in full force on Monday with something other than program notes dug up from the archives. Promise.

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