Spine Tinglers: Maurizio

Reader Maurizio sends in his Spine Tingler:

“I am not a famous artist or singer; I’m simple a civil engineer with a strong musical background.

Back to 1977; a piano recital in my home town theatre, all XX century compositions; the piece (I had never heard before) was Igor Stravinski’s Sonata (1924):

First movement’s theme enters darkly, the two hands playing the same melodic line….then continues nervously, joking, until the last measure: here, the last three chords suddenly open the doors of Heaven in front of me; breath-taking!

Now, my senses are alerted and ready to be surprised again…..but the mechanic precision of the second movement, unfortunately, leaves no emotions at first impact….

The third movement starts, even more nervous than the first; the left hand plays its difficult continuous “non legato”, very near to a “staccato”…..a fast ride lead us to the pre-final…..and finally the miracle is repeated! THE LAST THREE CHORDS reach the perfection!

I shared this moment with my friend and colleague Cesare; the morning after, separately, we both went to buy the score and, 4 years later, we both included this wonderful sonata in our final examination concert program.”

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