Christmas The Hamburger Way

Last year Miss Mussel didn’t get around to Christmas shopping until three days before. This year, she appears to have morphed into one of those super cheery early adopters. Lists have been made, plans are in action, items are in the post. [Note to Mere Mussel: I can neither confirm nor deny that any or all of these items, real or imagined, are for you, Pestering will get you nowhere.]

Maybe it’s the snow; maybe it’s the new speakers on which an inordinate amount of Christmas carols will be played or maybe it’s the thrill of discovering one of the most original marketing idea/Christmas gift she’s ever seen.

Well, for classical music people at least. The inevitable knick-knack featuring some sort of super-lame pun or horrific incorporation of a french horn is a thing of the past, folks. Be the coolest nerd on the block with this:

For some reason, the construction of the Elbphilharmonie Hall in Hamburg has captivated Miss Mussel’s attention. It’s a combination of excellent design and one of the most well-executed marketing campaigns she’s ever seen that has made sure this project has stayed on her provincial Canadian radar for over a year.

In case it’s unclear, the idea is that you can personalize the poster with your name, kind of like the Adopt-A-Highway program only better because….well…it just is. Plus, because the text is in German, the recipient will feel even more cool in a Stuff White People Like/Euro sort of way.

The poster is roughly 2 by 3 feet, comes in either blue, pink or green and costs €75. ($95US/$116CDN). A bit steep for a poster, but way cooler than that tired old print of Starry Night you were going to get.

The order form is auf Deutsche but is fairly standard, so you should be able to guess what’s what.

Miss Mussel will leave it to the experts to discuss other possibilities for this sort of marketing idea but from where she’s sitting, a more general ownership of the local symphony/opera company [both literally and figuratively] can only result in good things.

Note to City Opera of New York: You need personalized posters, STAT.

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