Conscripting Ye Faithful

Since the weekly quiz has gone the way of the dodo these last few weeks and the festive season will officially be upon us once turkey is consumed south of the border, now seems like a good time to poll the OM readership for their thoughts on Christmas carols.

It’s not a “best carol ever” list per se, but rather more of compilation of music that is meaningful to people.

Leave your nominations in the comments and if you’ve got an anecdote about a nativity play mishap, favourite recording, misunderstood lyrics or similar, pop that in too.

Starting 1st December, Miss Mussel will be posting new carol each day along with its text and a bit of history about the piece.

Think of it an aural Advent calendar.

If someone has contributed a story, that will be posted as well.

Finally, tell all your friends. Miss Mussel has enough Christmases under her belt to come up with 25 goodies herself, but that’s not really much fun.

Internets, Miss Mussel Needs You!

Although initially inclined to restrict the calendar to songs of a religious nature (since it’s an Advent calendar), it seems that this endeavor would be more enjoyable if the door was left wide open.

And, in complete goodwill-towards-men spirit, that even includes Mariah Carey.

So, what’s your story?

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