TechTalk: Opening Pandora’s Box

Miss Mussel’s alter ego dabbles in web design as part of her ‘bits of this and that” freelance career and has suggested for some time that she share some of her knowledge with OM readers.

In the interests of starting off with a bang, in this inaugural TechTalk installment, Marcia will free all non-US residents from internet tyranny and discrimination by showing you how to access Pandora, and Hulu gratis. Ascertaining whether this sort of thing is legal where you live is your responsibility.

These sites work on the premise of IP address, so if you are trying to access them from an address that is not based in the United States, you’re S.O.L. Until now. There are several IP masks available for a monthly subscription but just yesterday I stumbled across one that is that most magical of adjectives: FREE. After intensive testing over the last three hours, I can say that so far my computer has not melted down and last week’s episode of 30 Rock was very amusing.

It’s a browser plug-in, so it uses negligible memory and can be turned off and on manually from your desktop toolbar.

The downside is that there is an ad frame on every page but once you find what you’re looking for, you can simply close the frame and view or listen without obstruction.

You can read more about the Anchor Free Hot Spot Shield plug-in and download it here.

Unfortunately, the folks in charge of the BBC iPlayer are a step ahead and require the connection to come from UK-based service providers. Proxy servers are a way around this, but it’s a bit more complicated to hook up and not very reliable.

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