Tis The Season For A Commercial

Hello rabid OM fans and those that have drifted in via Google! The OM Marketing Department has decided to buy some airtime on the internet to get its message of Christmas cheer out to as many people as possible.

Basically, the message is if you’re planning to buy your nephew an iPod Nano, why not do it through the link on this page or in the sidebars. The affiliate links mean you get the same service you would get if you went directly to the site with the added bonus being that Miss Mussel gets a small percentage of the sale. You could say that she is now accepting kickbacks from the Internet Marketing Mafia.

Any income will be used to fund trips to hear and review orchestras or summer festival concerts throughout this country.

The following are the companies with which Miss Mussel is affiliated and short summary of the wondrous deals that await, should you decide to click. Some obnoxious Christmas music has been selected to help make your shopping experience more authentic.

DVDs: The Office, Keeping Up Appearances, Allo, Allo et al for the funny bone and for the Sir David Attenborough fan in your life: The Complete Natural History Series in HD, The Wildlife Specials, Planet Earth/Blue Planet Collectors’ Edition. And finally, for the person who has everything or has a terminal case of the nerds: the essential Doctor Who Dalek Voice Changer Helmet

You may have to put up with some zealous use of the letter u in the text but American shoppers will enjoy bargains galore at this Canadian version of Barnes and Noble. The Canadian dollar is low, plus you avoid state sales tax. Also, orders of $39 or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING and the top 50 bestsellers are 45% off.

Tis the season to be calling your relatives on the cheap. Skype can help. All of the continental USA and Canada [just in case you have to call customer support for the North Pole] is just 2¢ per minute. A quick dig down the back of the couch, and presto change-o you now have you now have enough coin to listen to Aunt Mabel detail her entire list of health problems.

All the magazines you could ever want. Even the ones that come in brown wrappers. Steep discounts and a three month trial make this gift a top ranker on the givee satisfaction v. price index. For those of you with more intellectual tastes, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Harper’s and The Atlantic are also there.

iPhones, iPods and various other Apple accoutrements.
Free shipping on orders of $50 or more plus free engraving on the back of any iPod.
Guaranteed increase in your coolness quotient by a factor of 3.

As always, your support is much appreciated.

All the best,
Miss Mussel

PS Tell all your friends. There’s no pyramid scheme/MLM marketing going here, so you’ll have to take payment in karma or similar. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO GIVE SANTA A REASON TO CHANGE HIS MIND.

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