Aural Advent Calendar: Day 8

Jonathan at Dial M was musing Saturday about the idea of two people coming up with the same idea independently of each other. That circumstance occurs with some regularity in the science/invention fields and, as Miss Mussel has just discovered, also happens in our own little corner of teh internets.

The ‘great minds think like me’ explanation seems a touch megalomanic for this Season of Goodwill, so instead Miss Mussel will humbly announce that Patty over at Oboe Insight is also doing a Youtube Advent series. It is always a joy to find other people who are similarly enthralled by cassock and surpliced trebles.

Day 8 of this Adventual Odyssey is a hat tip to great arrangements. Usually, Miss Mussel loathes The 12 Days of Christmas but, as you have no doubt already discovered in the video, it’s not the tune but what you do with it that counts. Watching The Kings Singers force feed Julie Andrews beer, pfeffernüsse and kügel is entertaining no matter which way you slice it.

Eeeiiin Glockenspieeel, tatsächlich!

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