Aural Advent Calendar: Day 21

What is Christmas without superfluous strings swells, and key-change via meat cleaver?

B to the O to the RING.

To all those musicians who have slogged their way through the inevitable Christmas pop concerts: this year Miss Mussel feels your pain.

For the first time in five years, she pulled her horn out of it’s super nifty case, got the dents hammered out and got in shape for a gig. Shape, of course, is used here in its most loose definition which is something like “not 100% out of shape”.

A few cheesy contemporary adult worship songs aside [I’m looking at you Bill Gaither], the gig was actually rather fun. Reasons for this include having a BFF as a section mate, knowing there were only 4 concerts get through and the fact that there was only one rehearsal.

The insane number of rehearsals is why Miss Mussel steers clear of amateur orchestras. She’d rather sit in the pub and socialize. High school bandrooms are for high schoolers.

Anyway….back to Christmas and Mr Leroy Anderson. His whole bio is readily available if you are so fascinated. Instead, Miss Mussel presents another installment of:

Possibly Apocryphal Factoids

  • Anderson spoke English and Swedish while at school but he eventually became fluent in Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. As one does.
  • In 1945 Anderson was assigned to the Pentagon as Chief of the Scandinavian Desk of Military Intelligence.
  • His first name was pronounced Luh-ROY rather than the more contemporary LEE-roy.

Incidentally, the violin part in the adoring section of Oh Come All Ye Faithful is a rip-off/borrowing/homage of/from/to a Bethoveen symphony, no? Is it 5? Miss Mussel’s money is on 7.

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