Aural Advent: Day 6

A little bit outside of the remit of this site but it’s the weekend and who doesn’t love Elvis? OR LEATHER JUMPSUITS? The solution to “the overarching problem with classical music“, perhaps?

Miss Mussel is reliably informed that Blue Christmas one of the most often recorded country Christmas songs. Considering it’s about spending Christmas alone because the one you love doesn’t love you back, this is not a surprise. An unknown third verse most certainly mentions that in addition to not having his woman, our protaganist has also lost his dog and watched his house burn down.

Blue Christmas was first recorded by Ernest ‘The Texas Troubadour’ Tabb in 1948 and given its more familiar rockabilly treatment by Elvis for his 1957 LP Elvis’ Live Christmas.

Extra Bonus Linkage: Practically everyone has recorded a version of this song. Some worth taking a look are: The Original Cool Ernest Tubb | Jon Bon Jovi | Television Magic Martina McBride AND Elvis | The Partridge Family | The Woman Whose Name Miss Mussel Dare Not Speak

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