Friday Swag: Tappity Tap Tap Edition

It seems a good idea to start Swag season off with a bang, so this week Miss Mussel has not one but two copies of the documentary Bringing Back Balanchine: The Historic Return To Russia featuring the New York City Ballet.

The film is narrated by Kevin Kline and is a chronicling of the NYC Ballet’s shows at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg during the White Nights Festival. Balanchine received his training at the Mariinsky before emigrating to the United States and co-founding the NYCB with Lincoln Kirstein in 1933.

While the company is dancing at the Mariinsky, there are several shots from the wings which would be of special interest to dancers or those that want to know more about what a show in progress looks like.

Personally, Miss Mussel found that seeing sweating, panting dancers ruined the mystique a little.

Here’s how you can get a copy:
Be the fifth or eighth person to respond with the correct answer to the following trivia question:

How many basic ballet positions are there?

Send in your answers, folks. The contest will remain open until the eighth correct answer is received.

Please note that one copy is without its original cellophane wrapper. If you are a winner and this matters to you, please let Miss Mussel know your preference.

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