Aural Advent Calendar: Day 12

In honour of the tripartite birthday celebrations going on this week, today is a 3-for-1 offering of 20th century Christmas songs. Who is the third celebrant, you ask? Well, even bivalves have birthdays.

The 20th-century selections featured on this, the most thirtieth of birthdays are: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, The Christmas Song and White Christmas complete with aspirated ‘h’ from the 1957 Christmas special called ‘Happy Holidays With Bing And Frank.’

Miss Mussel is not particularly enamoured with any of those songs as such, but it’s Frank’s day too, so it seemed appropriate.

In addition to Frank, Gustav Flaubert, Edvard Munch and Bill Nighy, Miss Mussel also shares this day with none other than Robert William Barker, who today will be achieving the much more substantial age of 85. Here he is in 1980 doing his best to avoid molestation by an ecstatic winner.


    • Miss Mussel

      Thanks! I was thinking as I was watching that the couch might look good in my living room. I suppose enough time has passed now that the colour and shape are cool again even more so if you missed it the first time around.

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