Aural Advent Calendar: Day 10

For those readers who are worried all the crap holiday music they have heard oozing out of stores, restaurants and other such public places will soon cause them to lapse into some sort of hyperglycemic coma: Fear not! Miss Mussel brings you tidings of non-saccharine joy.

Today on the Calendar, we have a guest post from bloggeuse Susan Chilton who is in real life the Arts & Life Editor of The Waterloo Region Record.

“I’ve raised my children on the Grinch (original) and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Christmas Town, shown here, is what we sing before bursting into Welcome Christmas, below. I’m not sure what that says about my parenting, but my kids are highly creative. And we all love Christmas. Traditional carols just don’t cut it for this crew, I fear. Happy holidays! What’s this …”

For those that haven’t seen the Burton film [Miss Mussel can’t be the only one], Wikipedia has the whole plot. In the video clip above, the hero Jack Skellington accidentally finds a portal to Christmas Town and discovers people going about what we would consider normal Christmas activities. There is no Christmas in Hallowe’en Town, so he is rather confused as to why there are no goblins under the bed or scared children running around.

Since its been around for 51 years, Miss Mussel can’t imagine that a single person in North America has not seen the Grinch or is not a least vaguely aware its place in the pop culture continuum. If, by some cruel twist of fate, you don’t know what The Grinch is, go here immediately. Your quality of life depends on it.

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