Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

chocolate-peanut-butter-truffles In previous holiday seasons, Miss Mussel has spent a disproportionately large number of hours [for her demographic] as an alchemist trying to conjure gastronomic gold from various combinations of chocolate, butter, flour and sprinkles.

Gingerbread, sugar cookies, shortbread, jam cookies, puppy chow, haystacks and cereal cookies have all had their share of admirers at OM-sponsored parties but the item that gets the most raves is the simplest to make.

Behold! Miss Mussel brings you glad tidings of great joy and truffles for all people. The Joyful Mystery of The Perfect Christmas Sweet is now in your care.

OM Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Measurements for UK cooks are included in square brackets but they are estimates only. The Imperial measurements on the left are the most accurate.

1/2 c crunchy natural peanut butter [4 oz]
1 c icing sugar [4.5 oz]
1/2 c finely chopped unsalted peanuts [2.5 oz]
3 tbsp whipping cream [45 mL]
1 tsp vanilla [5 mL]

6oz 70%-90% cocoa solids chocolate [170g]
1 tbsp shortening [15 mL]

peanut halves (optional)

makes 20-30
[depends on how big you make each truffle[

What You Need To Do – Part The First

  1. Mix together the icing sugar, peanut butter, chopped peanuts, whipping cream and vanilla. This can be done easily with a fork. At first it will seem like there is no way the ingredients will mix together. Be patient, grasshopper. Keep mixing.
  2. Roll mixture into balls and place on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. Baking paper works as well.
  3. Put the items into the fridge for at least 30 minutes for firming up.

What You Need To Do- Part The Second

  1. While the first part is refrigerating, melt the chocolate in a double boiler with the shortening
  2. Let it cool slightly but not too much. The mixture should still be runny when you dip a fork in it.
  3. Get the balls out of the fridge and, using two forks, dip each one in to the chocolate, letting the excess run off.
  4. Place them back on the tray and put them in the fridge to harden, roughly 30 minutes.
  5. Do not have a conniption if the chocolate pools at the bottom of your ball once it is back on the tray. This is unavoidable. You can either cut it off when the chocolate hardens or ignore it. Once they are tasted, visual appeal is no longer an issue. Beware of stampede as word spreads throughout the party.
  6. If so desired, put half a peanut on the top of each truffle and place them into the individual festive foil wrappers.

This recipe is like a Bach fugue: As long as all the parts are there in the right ratios, it doesn’t matter how you abuse it. Somehow the end result is still pleasing. Even with saxophones. And clowns. And white tailcoats.]

As such – regular peanut butter and chocolate chips can be used in a pinch. The result will just be a lot sweeter. Smaller balls are recommended.

If you don’t have whipping cream to hand, mix together 1.5 tbsp melted butter and 3 tbsp milk together, et voila! [Some rather elaborate fraction work went into working that out. Bearing in mind Miss Mussel’s abysmal track record regarding the mathematical arts, you might like to know that the original ratio was 1/3 c melted butter and 3/4 cup milk to yield 1 c whipping cream.]

Also, regular whole milk works ok too in an extreme pinch.

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