New To The Fold

A few excellent new blogs devoted to our favourite subject have sprung up, or at least come to Miss Mussel’s attention, in recent days. Add some spice to your feed reader with these lovelies.

  • Stephen Hough, a British pianist, composer and religious thinker has his own space on The Telegraph. You can read more of Stephen in his April 2008 contribution to the Spine Tinglers series.
  • Another Stephen, surnamed Brookes this time, has carved out a very interesting space for himself on the interwebs called Most of The Shebang. Sometimes about music, sometimes politics and sometimes photography but always good. His latest post is an amusing story involving his mad surfing skillz.
  • Although he posts infrequently, American pianist Jonathan Biss has a blog worth including in your feedreader.
  • A fellow Canadian in the ‘sphere is Osbert Parsley with his modestly titled space ‘This Blog Will Change The World.’ In addition to mucking about on the King Of The Instruments, Parsley describes himself as an “aspiring polymath, McLuhan disciple, and radical positivist.” Sacred music is not well known unless you are an organist, an Anglo-Catholic or a Requiem, which is a pity. So much of it is absolutely brilliant..well…except for the bits that are crap. Miss Mussel is looking at YOU Bill Gaither.
  • Non Sequitur Link:Passive Agressive Notes – this little nugget of goodness appeared on the OM Radar thanks to mention by the Dial M Boys. Anyone who has ever lived in a dorm, a shared house or gone to work in an office will find it all come flooding back.

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