Still Breathing

teddy_ruxpinIt’s been a crazy two weeks here in MIss Mussel’s corner of the universe. Reading for the new book project has started in earnest although concentration has been hampered severely by extensive and sudden hospital time for Grandpere Mussel and her own annual cold.

The large pile of books that loom beside the couch is not getting small enough fast enough, a circumstance that makes Miss Mussel wish she was Teddy Ruxpin and could soak in the required information just by putting the appropriate cassette tape in her back at night. The joy of discovery is dampened significantly when “information in” is the method by which food and shelter are afforded.

Do any of readers of the journalist or academic persuasion find this as well or is it not so bad if the subject you want to read about and the subject you are paid to read about are roughly the same?

As usual, there’s a huge backlog of starred items in the Google Reader that need to be addressed in this space as well as that omnipresent soup of ideas that is permanent tenant in the residential motel at the back of Miss Mussel’s head.

beethoven-nine-symphonies-barenreiterDespite the intellectual exhaustion, from this corner of the universe, 2009’s looking like a good one. The first two installments of the My First Scores series have arrived and the OM Bookshelf has increased its eruditification by factor of at least 1.593 with the addition of complete Barenreiter Mozart and Beethoven symphonies. Drool.

Next on the list is Mahler. What’s the word, folks? Is Eulenberg a decent edition for a study score? Miss Mussel’s a buy once and keep it for life kinda girl, so top drawer is best. Anyone have a secret hideaway where you can get these things on the cheap?

Ok, The Tipping Point was conquered on the bus ride home from Toronto yesterday, thereby reducing the work-related pile of books by approximately one inch. Time to tackle The Seven Daughters of Eve.

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