Anti-Wagner Billboards To Run On London Buses

Well, sort of. In the sense that they’re not but they should and thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, Miss Mussel can create her own reality and pretend that they are. Wikiality, people.

The lack of comment in this space on this rather sensitive issue has been on purpose but this site is getting older and with age comes responsibility. So, today, with the help of a very fun intertube tool, Miss Mussel is pleased to state unequivocally her views on the work of Richard Wagner.


To put these sentiments into perspective, every time the press or PR people have exuberantly reported that a Ring Cycle is happening, Miss Mussel wracks her brain for a circumstance under which she would consider attending such an event. Free tickets won’t do it and neither will being paid to attend.

Acolytes of Herr Wagner are free to outline the reasons for their worship in the comments but on behalf of those of us who have a long list of activities they would rather engage in than a complete Ring, Miss Mussel would like to propose I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER viral-type fun times.

All you have to do is use the London Bus tool to create the ultimate billboard and post it on your site. Here are a few Miss Mussel made earlier:


Ok folks, allons-y! Let’s see what delights of wit you can come up with.

Thanks to Chris Foley>a> for the billboard site link.


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