How To Generate Buzz For Your Performing Arts Event – Guaranteed

Amanda Ameer and Greg Sandow (among others, of course) spend a great deal of time trying to dream up innovative ways to help potential arts patrons and arts institutions connect with each other. Many times, they suggest marketing strategies or campaigns that are standard in other areas like rock music or sport.

The common complaint is that the atmosphere inside the hall is too formal/ritualized/stuffy/boring et al [delete as appropriate]. Miss Mussel doesn’t necessarily agree but she has nevertheless come up with a solution:

What brought on this stroke of genius? Miss Mussel’s recent excursion to MONSTERJAM! The event was pretty lame because the arena was too small for any monster smackdowns and no matter how hard the announcer tried to rev up the crowd, all we could muster was a rather lacklustre wooooo.

The second the T-shirt cannon came out, the place erupted into a frenzy with people screaming for a free T-shirt like they would die if they didn’t have one. It was an instant transformation.

Now, how would all this work practically? Well, institutions would simple choose their custom design…perhaps selecting from one of the prototypes Miss Mussel has designed below.

Rolling Paper Canon for Oboists

Rolling Paper Cannon For Oboists – This is a mock-up based on Air Cannon Inc’s kleenx box design

Bassoon Cannon

Bassoon Cannon – This basis for this design was a giant Sharpie pen created by Air Cannon Inc.

Violin Canon

Fiddle Cannon – This last one is a prototype based on Air Cannon Inc’s Loretta Lynn Super XL Guitar model.

According the the Air Cannon Inc website whatever you can fit inside the muzzle, you can shoot out. It may be best to keep this key piece of equipment away from rehearsal in case piccolo should get permanently lodged in the ceiling.

The usual is T-shirts, stuffed items, balls and little stuffed people. Of course this is a mega branding opportunity. Who in the audience wouldn’t want a Juan Diego Florez Stress Man shot right to their seat in the outer reaches of the second balcony?
Juan Diego Florez, Plumber, Fireman, Policeman, Rolando Villazon

And, more importantly, who in the audience wouldn’t tell all their friends what had happened that night at the opera/ballet/symphony?


  1. Stephen Llewellyn

    Ludicrous idea! Next you’ll be suggesting we try to summarise an opera plot on Twitter! ;)

    I am quite seriously wondering how we might make this work. But it could be another stroke of genius, OM.

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