SALE: Cheap Tickets At The Kitchener Waterloo Symphony

Not much brewing at OM Headquarters this week, so it seems that the only appropriate thing to do is GO TO COMMERCIAL

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From now until the end of the season, the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony has several great deals on tickets. At these prices, you can’t afford NOT to go! Call 519.578.1570 or 1.800.265.8977 now to take advantage of these fantastic offers!!!

The symphony is offering a mini-subscription of 3 shows for $60. As part of their BIG TICKET program, patrons can choose to attend any three out of the following concerts:

Curse of the Ninth – Mahler’s final work
Kitchener – Mar 6, 7 & 8

Broadway Heroes – Showtunes at their best
Kitchener – Mar 27 & 28

George & Edward – Handel & Elgar in intimate churches
Kitchener – Apr 1 Guelph – Apr 3 Cambridge – Apr 4

Celtic Fire – Fiddle Stylings Pierre Schryer and his Band
Kitchener – Apr 17 & 18 Guelph – Apr 16

Sound Explorations – Mendelssohn’s Hebrides & Britten’s Young Person’s Guide
Kitchener – Apr 24 & 25 Guelph – Apr 22

Fearless Piano – Award-winning Eve Egoyan mixes video and music
Kitchener – Apr 30

Dial M for Music – Mozart, Mendelssohn, and more
Kitchener – May 13 Guelph – May 15 Cambridge – May 15

Bill Conti – Oscar conductor & Rocky composer brings Hollywood’s greatest hits
Kitchener – May 22 & 23

Beethoven’s Ninth – “Ode to Joy” in all its glory
Kitchener – May 29, 30 & 31

If you’ve got kids, the Symphony has put together a special package with families in mind so that two adults and two children can attend a concert for as little as $74.

Pops & Signature Series
2 Adults & 2 children: A Section – 104 B Section – 90 C Section – 74
Additional adult A-40 B-33 C-25
Additional child A-12 B-12 C-12

Generations Series
2 Adults & 2 children A-104 B-90 C-74
Additional adult A-40 B-33 C-25
Additional child A-12 B-12 C-12

Intersections & Baroque
2 Adults & 2 children – 74
Additional adult – 25
Additional child – 12

If you are aged 29 or under, you can get rush tickets for $15. Buy online using the code RUSHKWS or in person on the day of the concert. Turning up early is recommended for better seats although it is unlikely that the show will be sold out. Proof of age will be required when picking up tickets purchased online.

Highschoolers who are part of the EyeGo scheme can get tickets to any show for $5.

Call 519.578.1570 or 1.800.265.8977 TODAY to take advantage of these fantastic offers!!

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