Twitter Opera Plot Contest Winners

Our judge for this contest is none other than Frere Mussel, our intrepid European correspondent beaming his thoughts from Koln.

For Miss Mussel, the most unexpected thing about the results is the sheer number of operas mentioned. At last count a staggering 60 operas were represented.

In a textbook case of the pot calling the kettle black, Miss Mussel believes our judge’s exact words on the subject were, “these people are GEEKS,” a sentiment that will surely warm the heart of even the most tentative music nerd.

Prizes: After some consideration, it seemed that a single prize just wasn’t enough to reward all the brilliance participants displayed. As such, in addition to the $20 Best In Show Arkiv voucher, each of the honourable mentions will receive $10 vouchers.

So, without further adieu, the winner is Olivia Giovetti from New York with:

@ogiovetti – Seamstress pals around with bohemians in a December-May affair Receives muff as parting gift.

FM: It is very fluid and it gives an over-all summary not a play-by-play. I feel I could see this on a program or in a magazine somewhere.

{Ed: Or synopsis sent to patrons’ mobiles before the show starts or the whole season summarized like this in an e-blast. Hmmm…thoughts Amanda or anyone else?]

Honourable mention to:

@urbanophile – Ur a psycho but I married you anyway. “Don’t ask me about my business.” Sorry, I gots to know. Ok, it’s Door #7 for you, bitch.

FM: I would be more tempted to put this one as 1st if it didn’t contain “I gots to know” But a fairly random opera, summed up very well nonetheless.

[Ed: Bluebeard’s Castle attracted the most consistently amusing synopses. See the others here.]

The Darwin award goes to:

A def. RM; W def. A; F def. W; Hd def. Sm; BH drew Wt; Sf def. F; Sf def. M;Sf def. fire;Hg def. Sf; BH def. self; fire def. gods.

FM: Is this algebra or a opera synopsis ??

[Ed: according to the author, it is The Ring as a tennis box score. 15 hours of opera in 140 characters is perhaps biting off a bit more than one can reasonably expect to chew but A for effort.]

Best Rhyming Skills Award
@Mmmusing – Queen of May? Girls today! So, be daring; Crown Al Herring. He’s afraid; lemonade makes him braver. Misbehavior! Doesn’t die. Makes Mum cry.

FM: Charming and well thought out. Just like the opera. Well done.

Did we get this horribly wrong? What was your favourite? Let us know in the comments. Indignation, righteous or otherwise is welcome.

Thanks to everyone for participating this time. There will be another round next month sometime. In the meantime, spread the word.

Publicists: If you have a client that would like to be a judge next time or is able to furnish a prize, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


  1. Obviously I think sending Twitter-esque summaries to cell phones an hour/30 minutes before performances is a fantastic idea! What about having a Twitter option on the title screens at The Met? “Press for English, German…Twitter…”. Someone could be live Tweeting during the performance and that could be what was shown on the screens.

    • Miss Mussel

      Hmmm…Twitter surtitles. They are already like that, no? I seem to remember them coming a line or two at a time. Retranslated ones would be entertaining though….perhaps that is what you were thinking of.

      Surtitle: I weep for the day when we can be together again, like the stars and the sky…salt and pepper and the birds and the bees…

      Twititle: I heart U 4evah. Come home. It’s business time.

      Ok, that was 100% lame. I think I’ll stick with summaries.

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