An Die Nachtigall

nightingaleAh nightingale, what would art music imagery be without you?



Brahms wrote a lovely song called An Die Nachtigall which Miss Mussel transcribed for horn. Well, more like transposed. As horn players do. On the fly. Daily.

At any rate, it works very well in recital especially when grouped with one or two others.

It appears that the file is too large to upload, so you’ll have to do with Schubert’s effort featuring La Renée [audio:]

What prompted this post was a site to which Miss Mussel’s attention was drawn several days ago that allows you to have a short string of text translated into the nightingale’s song.

She would link to the person responsible for the attention-drawing but the name as completely slipped her mind. If it’s you, pipe up and the link will be added. The samples start with something relatively benign, and get more and more reactionary as they go.

[audio:] ‘The Omniscient Mussel’

[audio:]’Gesamtkunstwerk is bollocks’… A reading from the first of Miss Mussel’s proposed London bus ads.

And finally,

[audio:] The bird flipping…uh..the bird, as it were.

That is all.

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