Open Ears 2009 First Weekend Schedule

Hello everyone!

Miss Mussel has been recruited to do some blogging for the 2009 Open Ears Festival, which is, by all accounts, the coolest thing happening in the Kdub these days.

A big OM welcome to those of you arriving via the Open Ears website. Miss Mussel will be posting bit and bobs about the festival as well as her impression of various concerts.

So, first order of business is to have a look at the brochure (pdf) and see what sorts of audio/visual delights are on offer these next two weeks.

Terry Riley’s piece In C turned 45 this year. Some other group did a performance last night in New York City, but it as just a warm up for the on that is happening tonight at 7pm in the Centre In The Square lobby. The concert is billed as free but since it takes place behind the ticket-taking barrier, you need a ticket to the KW Symphony concert that follows at 8pm.

More about Terry Riley’s In C
: Interview with Riley | Interviews with Carnegie Performers

edwin_outwater_2After you’ve been lulled into a trance by In C’s undulating rhythms and melodies, it will be time to shuffle into the hall to the KW Symphony perform Mendelssohn, R.Murray Schafer and Frank Bridge.

This concert repeats Saturday. Tickets start at $20.

Although it seems terminally uncool to announce it as such, there is a happening…uh…happening at St John’s Evangelist Church on Water Street from 6am to 10pm. A performance of Eric Satie’s Vexations will take place over that time and will involve a tag team of 50 pianists. The concert is free and you are not required to stay the whole time. Wandering in and out is encouraged.

The Flying BulgarsSaturday evening late night, The Flying Bulgurs are in town in an effort to spread the good news of the Klezmer revival. From all accounts, this is not your cousin Ephraim’s bar mitzvah band. Concert is at St John The Evangelist and begins at 10:30pm. Tickets are $22/$18.

[will post the rest tomorrow. Right now, #operaplot has melted Miss Mussel’s brain and the most she can muster is puddhing kebybord buttons at rendomn.]


    • Miss Mussel

      I missed that. I was going to catch the last hour or so before the Flying Bulgars but I didn’t make it in time. I’m so excited for what’s coming up starting this Thursday.

      Also, I completely forgot to look for you. Sorry! If you see me at some event, don’t be shy and I’ll keep an eye out for you as well.

  1. ziggy doo

    I saw the Open Ears Festival presentation of the Sigur Ros film HEIMA, and I have tickets to a few other events.
    Check them out

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