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Earlier in the competition, Miss Mussel promised that you would still be able to enter the competition if you did not have a Twitter account. These were the rules last time and it seemed to make sense to do it again this time. It makes less sense now but rather than exclude those of you that can’t or won’t get a Twitter account, here is the space to post your entry. Promises are promises etc.

But first, a short commercial:

twitterrificTwitter’s format makes this sort of competition infinitely easy and fun for participants and admin alike. By choosing to enter via comment, you are taking yourself out of the conversation that makes Twitter enjoyable. Signing up is painless and if you really hate it after trying it for the competition week, then simply delete your account.

Miss Mussel is willing to bet that if you put a bit of effort in, follow some people and join in a few conversations, you’ll not want to get rid of it.
(end commercial)

If you haven’t already, take a minute to read the rules, check out Danielle De Niese, the #operaplot judge or peruse the entries from the past competition. You may also like to have a look at the #Operaplot Partners page to determine what prizes are available in your area.

Use the box below to make sure your submission does not exceed the 140 character maximum. Once you are satisfied, copy it (Control C) and paste it (Control V) in the comments below. You can also right-click to accomplish the arts and crafts portion of the entry process.

Very Important: Your entry MUST include the tag #operaplot somewhere. Entries without this will not be forwarded to our judge.

Also Important: You may not enter via email. Twitter or comments, that’s it. Entries via email will not be forwarded to our judge.

140 Characters Remaining

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  1. Stephen Llewellyn

    There was a young lady called Fricka
    “Wake up & it’s over.”
    “Bravo! – tho’ I wish it were quicka.

  2. Stephen Llewellyn

    #operaplotWe have this big bomb thing. It probably won’t work. Anyway the weather’s bad. BOOM. It worked. Bad idea! Let’s get mystical.

  3. Stephen Llewellyn

    #operaplotWe have this big bomb thing. It probably won’t work. Anyway the weather’s bad. BOOM. It worked. My bad! Let’s get mystical.

  4. Stephen Llewellyn

    There was a young lady called Fricka
    “Wake up & it’s over.”
    It’s good but I wish it were quicka.

  5. Alicia

    Who 2 rule Egypt? Cleo&Cesare, post-vendettas! Pompeo, 4pax, by a gen da cap’d & Cleo bro btray’d, 2 who 2 die. P’s widow&son jail’d, freed.

  6. Kelly Pappageorge

    #operaplotA bad boy with ADHD
    destroyed all of his property
    but the items got mad
    and tortured the lad
    so next time he won’t be bratty

  7. AliciaCarina

    Dear OM – Many thanks for a really great contest. Hope I did not mess things up: Twitter did not seem to delete early versions.. Here is my page: http://twitter.com/AliciaCarina and final submissions below. Thanks, again! (P.S. The Egyptian Helen was for you!)

    # With many star turns, this bel canto work is kind of like a Robert Altman movie but set in 1825 France, sung in Italian. No real #operaplot!about 12 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Walk like an Egyptian. Who’s that girl? Let’s play master & servant. Every breath you take… Tainted love! I would die 4 U.about 14 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Unveiled as his son’s amour, did she ever love the King or was it just politics? Inquisiting minds want to know.about 15 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Modern portrait of seduction. Pretty soon to marry, Pandora’s box opens. She dances, kills, ends poor, ripped. Send in the clown.about 15 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot This marriage needs more than a 2nd honeymoon! With magic & mussel, the most beautiful woman in the world holds onto her family.about 15 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Who2rule Egypt? Cleo&Cesare, postvendette! Pompeo 4pax by Gen da cap’d, CleoBro btra’d (2who2die), & his widow&son jail’d, freed.about 16 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Endless pleasure, endless love, but sleep, dost leave her to herself adore. Like lightning, she does implore, and then’s no more.about 17 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot King’s daughter fiance’s rival hatches plot: she cheats. Brother defends honor, kills confessing rival. Hello fiance & happy end!about 17 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Nymph + shepherd = happy we! But for Giant, jealous love: rage, melt, burn. Alas, shepherd!: kill’d, bemoan’d, tranform’d. Water?about 17 hours ago from web

    # #operaplot Are women true? Hijinx & high notes w/2 sisters who get tested by, marry 2 interchangeable officers. Features Albanian disguises.about 18 hours ago from web

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