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Earlier in the competition, Miss Mussel promised that you would still be able to enter the competition if you did not have a Twitter account. These were the rules last time and it seemed to make sense to do it again this time. It makes less sense now but rather than exclude those of you that can’t or won’t get a Twitter account, here is the space to post your entry. Promises are promises etc.

But first, a short commercial:

twitterrificTwitter’s format makes this sort of competition infinitely easy and fun for participants and admin alike. By choosing to enter via comment, you are taking yourself out of the conversation that makes Twitter enjoyable. Signing up is painless and if you really hate it after trying it for the competition week, then simply delete your account.

Miss Mussel is willing to bet that if you put a bit of effort in, follow some people and join in a few conversations, you’ll not want to get rid of it.
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If you haven’t already, take a minute to read the rules, check out Danielle De Niese, the #operaplot judge or peruse the entries from the past competition. You may also like to have a look at the #Operaplot Partners page to determine what prizes are available in your area.

Use the box below to make sure your submission does not exceed the 140 character maximum. Once you are satisfied, copy it (Control C) and paste it (Control V) in the comments below. You can also right-click to accomplish the arts and crafts portion of the entry process.

Very Important: Your entry MUST include the tag #operaplot somewhere. Entries without this will not be forwarded to our judge.

Also Important: You may not enter via email. Twitter or comments, that’s it. Entries via email will not be forwarded to our judge.

140 Characters Remaining

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  1. Marilyn Mercur

    #operaplot: Based on famous novel same name, dghtr of bonesetter travels to China and finds mother and self

  2. David

    #operaplot1-Soprano2-Tenor3-Baritone4-Mezzo. 1loves2mistakesfor3.4killsbaby.2saves1from3.3captures4,2.1marries3tosave2.1kills1.3kills2.4wins

  3. Marilyn

    #operaplot: Father makes classic mistake of offering to sacrifice first person he sees to win favor with the gods. BIG mistake!

  4. Dbrown

    #operaplot public opinion forces violinist to save wife. Gods sent to investigate. Party it up in Hell. All ends somewhat confusingly.

  5. Peter West

    #operaplot of Tosca:Jealous singer kills police chief after blabbing about doomed lover’s co-consirator which leads to flight off ramparts

  6. Paul Bendit

    #operaplot Noisy woman proves immune to anger management therapy for 90 minutes until brother returns to kill their mum who’d killed dad.

  7. Paul Bendit

    #operaplot Town clerk reckons his song’s a shoe-in for marriage until cobbler backs true love for the sake of a decent tune. And Germany.

  8. Paul Bendit

    #operaplot Toy boy lover starts flower delivery service to date pretty girl and (reluctantly) bails on affair with older woman.

  9. Paul Bendit

    #operaplot Stepmum frowns on her 2 kids’ incest, so father reluctantly has 1 dispatched, t’other sedated. Outcome: excuse for 2 more operas

  10. Paul Bendit

    #operaplot Aided by failed drug induced suicide pact male chaperone beds charge on way to wedding, but revenge fuelled wound=curtains 4 both

  11. Adam

    #operaplot Also sprach Brünnhilde: “Die Götter sind tot! Die Götter bleiben tot! Und ich habe sie getötet.”

  12. Peter West

    #operaplot Travs:Courtesan tries to turn over new leaf in the country with Mr.Thing.To no avail.Anal dad now knows;too little,too late.

  13. Semalina

    #operaplot: Lyric soprano is fed up with husband & his infernal violin. She’d rather cavort w/ a buzzing fly in Hades. Yes we can-can!

  14. D. Kim

    #operaplot Prudish lady moves into country estate. Governess for two creepy kids. Add two sexy ghosts. One big happy family. NOT.

  15. #operaplot J:@#$% H:WANT C B00B13S! S:WANT PRESENTS! H:kk, TITS OR GTFO S:(.)(.) H:ZOMG B00B13S!! S:J-Plate pls H:kk S:ZOMG AM BLOODY & DEAD

  16. Peter West

    #operaplot:Disturbed girl makes sexy dance 4 horny daddy.Pops disgusted with prophet obsession.Girl not disturbed anymore after bloody kiss.

  17. Peter West

    #operaplot:Slavegirl loves enemy hero(YAY!)Daddy angry(uh)They try to escape(YAY!)Slavegirl & hero die in a tomb on floating b flats(uh)

  18. Semalina

    #operaplot: I’m deeply in love w/ F. Oh, he’s a woman? No problem. Oh, she frees her hubby from prison? Wait–where’s MY happy ending?

  19. Rachel

    #operaplot-Girl playing a boy playing a girl and back to boy ditches aging lover for young hot thang, then all three sing orgasmic trio.

  20. Pat

    Act I: I get by with a little help from my friends
    Act II: Love is all you need.
    Act III: You’re going to lose that girl

  21. Peter West

    #operaplot:Defiant luscious gypsy meets her Maker at arena(where her matador bf triumphs)after dissing permanent force sad sack.

  22. Stephen Llewellyn

    #operaplot Kissed the girls and made them cry/Killed one’s dad and watched him die/Offered chances to repent/
    he opted to be Hades sent/Men!

  23. #operaplot: scorned princess dances biblical striptease for pervy stepdad only to find prophet’s eyes closed and his lips bitter-is it love?

  24. Bryan

    #operaplot: cocky lad forges sword, kills dragon, and jumps through fire, only to marry his breastplate-wearing and “hojoto”-shrieking aunt

  25. Bryan

    #operaplot: Oh, say can(‘t) you see, that he only came back (with his new wife) to take away your boy and leave you no option but suicide?

  26. Bryan

    #operaplot: The mirror must have made her look fat – why else would she leave her glamorous lifestyle to starve to death in the desert?

  27. Bryan

    #operaplot: Songwriter laments in major key, fails to follow simple instructions, and succumbs to until-recently-dead wife’s nagging.

  28. Bryan

    #operaplot: Nun fails to think plan through; realizes (almost) too late that suicide won’t reuinite her with son. Luckily: miracle granted!

  29. Bryan

    #operaplot: rotten children escape abusive household only to get lost in the forest, dream of eating, and nearly get eaten themselves.

  30. Russell

    #operaplot: Midsummer. Engaged couple. Dad hates. Girl splits. Ancients dance. Dad dies, the couple fries – but lives and gets hitched.

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