On Your Mark, Get Set, Summarize!

It’s on folks. After two weeks filled with inhuman amounts of email, #operaplot is finally here. There are still a couple of houses making arrangements but at the moment, it looks like the final number of partners is 32. Miss Mussel can hardly believe it.

How To Enter:
1) Go to Twitter (joining is easy and quick)*
2) Type #operaplot (include the number sign) and then continue on with the summary of an existing opera.
3) Push Send or Tweet etc
4) Sit back and watch as the world is stunned into silence by your devastating wit
5) If yours is better than everyone else’s, which of course it will be, you’ll win a prize.

*If you have some moral opposition to Twitter or your 9-5 overlords have deemed access incompatible with a “productive work environment,” you may enter via comment. Not on this post though, please, on the special #operaplot comment post.

Exploring how Twitter can work for arts orgs, fans and performers alike is part of the point to this little game and it’s much easier to administrate that way. If at all possible, please head on over.

Prize Pool | Rules & FAQ | Judge: Danielle De Niese | Press Clippings | Entry Page For Non-Twitters

Previous Entries | Previous Winners


  1. OK. So, I joined Twitter, and entered my #operaplot thingie. Five minutes later, I saw two mistakes in the entry, and so I deleted it, and then entered the correct version. But now if I do a Twitter search on #operaplot, the deleted entry shows up, but not the corrected one.

    What’s the deal with that?

    ACD (ACD77)

    • Miss Mussel

      @A.C. Douglas – That’s a bit weird. Another person mentioned that a deleted tweet still shows up in the search stream. I’m wondering if perhaps the Twitter cache (if there is such a thing) only resets once a day or something? I’ll see if I can find out more information. In the meantime, posting here is still a legitimate way to enter.

      If anyone else has an idea about what’s happening, feel free to jump in.

  2. “Ok, I just checked and both entries show up in the search feed.”


    I just checked the feed, and did a direct Twitter search on #operaplot. The only entry of mine that shows up on both is the deleted one. The correct entry is nowhere to be found on either the feed or in a Twitter search on #operaplot.

    Is a puzzlement.

    (Well, maybe not a total puzzlement. I just found out that Evan Williams is the creator of Twitter. He’s also the creator of Blogger, and if you think Blogger is a mess now, you should have seen it before Williams sold it to Google. After establishing an initial concept, Williams is the kind of guy who gets bored with the project, and can’t be bothered with such minor matters as whether or not the thing actually works as it should.)


  3. I just thought of a better version of my #operaplot, and so I went to Twitter, deleted my tweet, and entered the better version.

    Same deal! Now my Twitter profile shows three(!) tweets (the two deleted ones, and the new one), the #operaplot feed is still absent all but my first deleted entry, and a direct Twitter search on #operaplot still shows only my first deleted entry.


    (BTW, I’m adding the better version of my #operaplot to your comments entry form. Would appreciate you deleting my original entry to that form.)


    • Miss Mussel

      Don’t worry too much about deleting. I know it’s frustrating but you have 10 tries and if it’s an obvious correction of spelling or something else minor, we can ignore the first one when we compile all the entries.

  4. Oops.

    My, “Now my Twitter profile shows three(!) tweets (the two deleted ones, and the new one)”

    should have read:

    “Now a Twitter search on my Twitter profile (i.e., ACD77) shows three(!) tweets (the two deleted ones, and the new one).”


  5. Just deleted my Twitter account (ACD77). All my entries (as of this date, four not including the one incorrect early entry mentioned above which I trust you will delete before submitting) are now posted to your Non-Twitter Entry Form thread.


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