The Opera (Houses) Plotted

Miss Mussel thought it might be interesting to see what sort of catchment area the 32 participating houses cover. She was right. It is.

The first map is all the houses from the United States and Canada. The red circles represent a 150 mile radius from the city centre, a number chosen arbitrarily as the maximum distance one could reasonably expect a person to drive to attend a show.


This map is Australia. 150 mile radius doesn’t seem to cover as much down there. Maybe Aussie miles are smaller than American ones. (insert kilometre joke here) Possibly also, their country has a population density of 6.4 people per square mile. Canada is nearly claustrophobic at 9.7 people per square mile. Multiply that by 8 and you’ll get the figure for the UK and, strangely enough, the US.


Last but certainly not least is the UK. It may seem as if the dots are smaller on this map. This is not an illusion. They are.

In Miss Mussel’s experience, asking someone to go to Liverpool from Manchester for an evening concert without staying overnight results in a response proportionate with suggesting a quick jog to the moon.

It is 30 miles down the M62. Total time travelled: 45 mins max. Come on, people.


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  1. John

    When I lived on the Wirral I used to go to the theatre in Manchester. Now I rarely go further than I can walk. Hamilton? Richmond Hill? Surely you jest.

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